Website Example

Website Example

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Published Aug. 12, 2020, 9:25 a.m.

This website, in itself, stands as an example of a fully functional, responsive website with material design. It is meant to showcase different features and complex logic.

In short, the features are:

Responsive & Material Design;
Search Engine Optimization;
Powerful Admin Panel;
Hierachical and Non-hierarchical Models;
Social Login and Share features;
Full-Text, language agnostig search queries;
Recommender System;
Enhanced Security;
And many more!


As you can probably see, the website is available in multiple languages, which can be dynamically changed here:

So pick a language you are more comfortable with, and read on!

New languages can be added as time goes on, and translations can be provided without any code!

The design of the website is Material and Responsive, which means that is is compatible with any devise and screen size, and the content will adjust acordingly, to fit anything from a mobile phone, to a 4K monitor.

The website also has a powerfull admin panel (wich is, of course, not displaied, so, trust me on it.) where the content can be managed and the translations are availible and can be changed for each individual item and page. 

Content on the website in managed using a versatile database, which allows for both hierarchical and non hierarchical connections. For example, the content on the website is grouped into different cathegories, such as: Projects, Blog, Services, Other, but can also be managed by tags and filters.

This fact also allows for a powerful, Full-text, language agnostic search options, which you can test here:

This means that you can search acros multiple fields in the database, with even a partial or deformed string, in any of the availible languages, and recieve the results with a similarity score, for all availible languages!

Additionally, Search Engine Optimization and Analytics is configured and available in the admin panel, along with a recommender system which can group content based on both similarity and popularity.

Many more features can be added, depending on your personal or bussines needs! Such as online payments for comercial websites, or a follower system for a social website, or maybe a content management sistem for your educational page!


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